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sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

the purpose of this blog is to create step by step instructions on how to build drones for different applications such as:

precision agriculture
video transmission
search and rescue
and other

The blog was developed with the passage of days, iran is developing instructions for different platforms build uav / drones, primarily fixed wing and rotary wing some, the instructions will be made in text, images and video tutorials.

I will put all my experience of 6 years in the contruction of drones, to help people who want to build a drone for civil or fun. their learner's curve by clicking the instructions will be reduced to be undertaken in this blog

most of the drones, will be built in this blog used APM 2.5 as Autopilot, and other components developed in the former is an open source autopilot with many functions.

in this video we can see some examples of what we will build


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